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FRESH Filters use high quality carbon specifically manufactured for air treatment. The fabric sleeves on this type of filter should be changed every three months to protect the life of the carbon. Supplied with a filter sleeve and straps. Carbon filters work best with a humidity of less than 80%. Over 85% Relative Humidity they do not work at all. Always use a fabric sleeve with your filter and replace it when it becomes clogged up - usually after 6 months. If after installing a carbon filter system, odour is still a problem simply purchase additional fans and filters. FRESH Filters use high quality carbon and under normal circumstances you can expect them to last up to 6-12 months. You know when the carbon within your filter has reached the end of its useful life as it no longer works. It is best to suspend your carbon filter from the ceiling using chain and hooks or a filter stand (sold separately). This FRESH Filter suits RVK 315E2-L1 and the RAM Z2/315.

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