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Digital Min-Max Hygrometer Product Details:

The Digital minmax Hygrometer is a vital tool for successful gromwing. The Hygrometer will take minimum and maximum reading of both temperature and humidity so you will know how hot and how cold your growing environment becomes over a 24 hr period.

  • Simultaneously shows both temperature and humidity readings 
  • Two temperature alarms
  • Records min/max temperatures and humidity values that can be reset as required. Operating the Hygrometer is very simple. Pushing the min/max button shows the min/max readings and holding it down resets the values. 

 Digital Min/Max Hygrometer Specification:

The unit measures 110mm x 70mm x 20mm and includes a single AAA battery. The hygrometer has the following specification:

  • Temperature range : (-5ºc ⇔ 50ºc) 
  • Humidity range : (30%RH ⇔ 90%RH) 
  • Temperature accuracy : +/- 1ºc 
  • Temperature Resolution : +/-0.1ºc 
  • Sensor wire length : 1.8m

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