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Budget grow kit featuring a 600w sodium lighting system, Suitable extraction setup with filter, Flood and Drain Hydroponic system and all the essential tools and accessories you will need to get going:

  • 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m Hydrogarden Grow Tent - Good quality tent which is a perfect sized growing space for a 600w lighting system. 
  • 600 Watt complete hydroponic lighting system - High Pressure Sodium lighting system in a 600w range perfect for use in the 1.2m sized tent that comes with this kit. 
  • 13amp 2 Socket Relay - Used to prevent the high inductive load of the HPS light causing your timer to fail. 
  • 2x Grasslin Mechanical Timer - Used in conjunction with the 13amp relay to control when your lights come on and off. The second timer is used with your flood and drain system to control the flood and drain cycles. 
  • 125mm A1 HV Extractor Fan225m3/hr - Used to extract hot air from your room and encourage fresh air to come though the vents on your tent, the extractor is crucial to creating a nice environment for your plants to thrive in. 
  • 125mm Rhino Carbon Filter 500m3/hr - Good quality carbon filter used in conjunction with your extractor fan to scrub unwanted smells from your extracted air. The filter should be hung high up in the tent next to the light so its pulling the hottest air from your growing environment. 
  • 5m Box 125mm Bare Ducting (Inc 2 x clips) - Used to connect your air extraction system together. 
  • 2x Ducting Clips - To connect your extractor, carbon filter and ducting together. 
  • 13amp Mains Lead and Plug - Used to wire up your extractor fan. 
  • 5m Steel Jack Chain - Used to hang your lights and extraction equipment. 
  • EF230 Flood and Drain Kit - Complete flood and drain hydroponic system for growing and flowering your plants in. 
  • 6x10cm Grodan Rockwool Blocks - Transplant blocks used to root your cuttings or seedlings into before introducing them into the NFT System. 
  • 3x 50L Clay Pebbles - For filling up your flood and drain planter table with. Make sure to give your pebbles a clean before use, the easiest way to do this is to poke some holes in the bottom of the bag, put it in the shower and then cut a hole in the top of the bag and put the shower head in and leave for 15 minutes or so. 
  • 1L Canna Aqua Vega - Hydroponic grow nutrient for use during the vegetative phase of plant development. 
  • 1L Canna Aqua Flores - Hydroponic flower nutrient for use during the flowering phase of plant development. 
  • 250ml PH Up - Used to raise the PH of your nutrient solution. 
  • 250ml PH Down - Used to lower the PH of your nutrient solution Essentials PH Liquid Test Kit - Used to test the PH of your nutrient solution. 
  • 2x5ml Plastic Pipette - For measuring out PH down and Up. 
  • 2x60ml Measuring Cup - For measuring out nutrients

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