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Beneficials Bio-Link Plus is organic and contains about 15 billion microbes per millilitre compared with about 8 billion in other microbial products - this is due to the advanced brewing process. It also contains 3 Trichoderma plus 7 bacillus strains. It will improve nutrient availability and efficiency resulting in improved plant response and it improves the flavour and texture of herbs and other crops along with plant yields and quality. Beneficials Bio-Link Plus helps to break down nitrogen containing compounds making them available to the plant and includes nitrogen-fixing bacteria that enhance vegetative growth. This product aids in the development of healthy root systems and makes the plant stronger and more resistant to adverse growing conditions. These beneficial microbes assist in the digestion of minerals making them more plant available and reduce salt build-up in the growing media and increase nutrient penetration and hence plant absorption. No animal by-products are used in the manufacture of Beneficials Bio-Link Plus.

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