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Air Pruning Pots allow your plants to develop a highly efficient radial root system that simply cannot be matched by rival growing containers or standard pots. Air pots push the boundaries of your growing experience with the following benefits:

  • 3D Cone shaped walls - The inward facing coned construction of Air-Pots prevents root circling and directs the root growth outwards to the open ends of the cones where the roots are efficiently air pruned as the air density in the growing medium is too great. 
  • Better Porosity - Air Pots benefit from increased nutrient availablity by providing better conditions for bacterial activity thus making nutrients more available to the plant. This gives plants grown in Air Pruning Pots increased resistance to disease and improved growth rates. 
  • Quality Construction - Air Pots are made from extra strong recycled plastic and can be re-used almost indefeinately. 
  • Raised Grid Bases - Air Pot growing containers feature a raised grid base that prevents your plants from standing in water and exposing them to cold surfaces. This provides your plants with superior oxygenation and better growth conditions. 
  • Quick Release Fittings - Air Pruning Pots can be easily opened and closed allowing you to inspect a cross section of your plants root system. This easy dissassembly technique means you can remove the entire plant and root complex in seconds and then store the Air Pot flat until the next time it is needed. 
  • Increased Nutrient Uptake - When growing in Air Pruning Pots the entire growing medium is quickly filled with a vast number of highly active root tips. The sheer mass and efficiency of this potent root system increase nutrient uptake in your plants by approximately 15% leading to higher yields and accelerated growth. 
  • Versatility - The Air Pot can be used with a wide range oforganic or hydroponic media and can also be used with drip feeding or flood and drain systems.

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