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100ml SMC Spidermite Control Product Details:

100ml SMC Spidermite Control provides Safe, Pesticide Free and Effective Control of the home gardeners nemesis - the Spidermite.

Getting control of spidermites is an essential part of successful plant growing. It is especially important in indoor growing where mites are favoured by the conditions and populations can explode out of control very quickly. Spidermite Control is created from natural organic vegetable extracts and oils that will quickly eradicate spider-mite populations and limit the damage they cause.

  • Blended from pure extracts – no toxic chemicals whatsoever are used in its creation. 
  • Totally safe and can be used in confined situations, like greenhouses and indoor grow rooms. 
  • All you need is a spray bottle and water. 
  • No threat to the environment or to people. 

100ml SMC Spidermite Control Usage:

SMC Spidermite Control can be used in all stages of plant growth but avoid using SMC on small immature plants, cuttings or seedlings and stop using it 2-3 weeks prior to harvest.

Add SMC Spidermite Control to your spray at a rate of 50ml per litre of water. Make sure your spray water is slightly warm to ensure the solution mixes correctly. Spray your plants when the lights have gone off and take great care to cover each and every leaf, especially the underside until run-off occurs. Repeat the process every 5-7 days until the spidermite problem is resolved.

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